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How often do W-2 employees get paid?
Payroll is scheduled biweekly. The payday is on the Thursday after the pay period ends, provided your approved timesheets for the pay period were received on time.

When is my timesheet due?
Approved time-sheets are due by 1:00 pm (EST) on the Tuesday following the previous work week.

Time-sheets that are not approved will not be paid. If you are having trouble getting approval, contact your recruiter immediately for assistance.

How do I submit my timesheet?
FAX the completed, approved, timesheet to the FAX number printed on the timesheet (781-906-7800).

Can I direct deposit my paycheck?
You can and are encouraged to do so by faxing in the Direct Deposit Authorization Form and a voided check.

What if I choose not to take advantage of direct deposit?
Your check will be sent via US Mail to the mailing address provided.

NOTE: the date of receipt is dependent on the mail. A lost check will not be replaced for Five (5) business days.

How do I submit a request for client “authorized” reimbursable expenses?
You are required to submit an expense form, approved by the client, with all receipts included.

Whom do I contact if I have questions?
Contact your recruiter at 888-SULCOG-1 or via email. Prompt response is assured.