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Right Hire Solution

Sullivan and Cogliano’s Distinctive Staffing Solution

The Sullivan and Cogliano Right Hire Solution™ helps technical managers maximize project results by getting them the right person with the right productivity in three business days or less. Our “Right Hire Solution” results in 85% of our contractors getting project extensions and 96% being eligible for rehire.

The Right Hire Solution™ is for Project Managers who:

  • Need the right teams in place for each project
  • Need staffing costs to adjust to business growth or contraction
  • Need additional recruiting efforts to staff their projects
  • Need access to highly skilled professionals to perform special projects
  • Need knowledge transferred from contractors to internal staff
  • Need additional staff to react to last minute project needs


Our custom staffing is enhanced by two important factors:

  • Technical Specialization
    Through our high-impact specialized professionals Sullivan and Cogliano can provide resources in development, enterprise data management, IT infrastructure and Engineering initiatives. We’ve been on the front line of technology at every step since 1966.
  • Our 3-Step Process
    The Right Hire Solution™, Sullivan and Cogliano’s proven distinctive contract staffing solution, allows us to effectively assess your needs, deploy the right talent, and back it up with superior relationship management.